What are POWER, REPRESENTATION, FREEDOM and the amplification of feminist voices online? How do we fill virtual spaces with our presence? How do we claim these spaces? What are possibilities and potentials to translate our physical practice and activism to a digital world? What are your solutions and examples for promoting POWER, REPRESENTATION and/or FREEDOM online? How can a creative response to the pandemic and potential lockdowns look like? How do we maintain connections, groom relations and exchange in dialogues?

The exhibition ART IS POWER focuses on POWER, REPRESENTATION and FREEDOM in the context of gender empowerment and feminism. It juggles with the relation of virtual dimensions and the offline world and elevates the physical presentation of art into the abstract universe of our videogamesque imaginations. The exhibition represents and holds space for the practices and discussions we were forced to establish online during the pandemic and explores the relation of POWER, REPRESENTATION and FREEDOM and their manifestation in a digital world.