Welcome to a virtual space simulation of our tiny black cube. The KAALO.101 FAM welcomes you and hopes that you have a fulfilling experience on board.


STEP 1: Please view this page on your computer for the full space experience. The simulation takes few minutes to load, while it is loading, take a moment to look into yourself. What comes to mind in relation to menstruation?

STEP 2: Once it loads, go fullscreen and press ENTER to visit the gallery.

STEP 3: You have successfully entered our black cube. Please get comfortable. CLICK to take steps through the space and CLICK-AND-DRAG to turn around. Discover the sounds and visuals. You can find the curatorial note and information about the project on the opposite wall of the starting point.

STEP 4: Finally, you are ready to experience the showcased art in the black cube. You can CLICK on the floating menstrual products to discover submissions from 58 individuals and organisations.

STEP 5: Behind each product hides a different visual, another story and a personal experience. Some of the images have descriptions which you can read by CLICKING the button.

CAUTION: Take your time to look at the pieces! Once you click on a product, the object will not reappear again. If you reload the whole simulation, you can look at it again. Feel free to take screenshots along the way.

STEP 6: Your journey is over once you have discovered all the submissions. Please stay with us for a while and explore our ABOUT and ARTISTS section on this website. Please get connected with us via Instagram and/or Facebook, we would be excited to have you with us on another ride through space and time!


Download our exhibition for infinitely repeated and offline lag-free fun… again and again and again

Unzip the file and run the app by double clicking on the black cube icon. If you want to leave, just press the ESC key on your keyboard to quit the app.

If you are on Windows, find the "Kaalo.101 Virtual Space Program.exe" application file and DOUBLE CLICK. If you see a security dialog box, click "More Info" and then "Run Anyway".

If you are on a Mac, RIGHT CLICK on the app file and click OPEN.