Welcome to the second virtual space simulation of our tiny black cube. We wish you again a fulfilling experience. Powered by our imaginations, the streets of Patan and this tiny place we call home.


STEP 1: Please view this page on your computer for the full space experience. The simulation takes few minutes to load (refresh the page if it doesn’t load after 5 mins), while it is loading, take a moment to think about these questions:

What happens, if we are removed from HOME and heart by work, duties, responsibilities and opportunities? What if we lose or never got access to the place, we identify as HOME? How do we feel at HOME and what does it mean emotionally to be displaced from your HOME? Is HOME a country? Is HOME a place? Is HOME a physical or emotional entity? What if your HOME does not feel safe, secure and comforting? Is HOME a concept based on privilege and power?

STEP 2: Once it loads, go full screen and press ENTER to visit the gallery.

STEP 3: You have successfully entered our virtual space. Please get comfortable. CLICK to take steps through the space and CLICK-AND-DRAG to turn around. You enter first in our courtyard, where you can listen to the curatorial note.

STEP 4: This exhibition consists of eight different indoor and outdoor spaces, which contain works of 40 different artists and a variety of soundscapes. From the courtyard you can access the indoor (front door) and outdoor spaces (tunnel) through the portals. These portals you can find in every space to move around to another level or back to the previous level.

You can also access on the top-left corner of your screen a menu by clicking on our logo to move between the spaces faster or go directly to a specific section.

STEP 5: All the works are displayed within the spaces, on the walls, ceilings and on your footpaths- sometimes more, sometimes less hidden. Just hover over an image to access information about the artists, the showcased pieces and their Instagram accounts.

CAUTION: Experiment with the control of your movement, take your time to look at the pieces from different angles and distances and explore individual spaces.

STEP 6: Your journey is over when you want it to be. Take your time!

After your experience stay with us for a while and explore our ABOUT and ARTISTS section on this website. Please get connected with us via Instagram and/or Facebook, we would be excited to have you with us on another ride through space and time!